1. Can I use any syrup with the Flavor Burst system?
Unfortunately, no. Flavor Burst syrups are formulated to strict standards in order to ensure premium quality, excellent flavor and consistent performance. Without this assurance we compromise the integrity of the Flavor Burst brand. Consumers expect the best from Flavor Burst, and we make sure we meet that expectation without exception. On a more technical note, other syrups may compromise the integrity of the Flavor Burst unit (i.e. pump malfunctions) resulting in costly repairs and/or replacement. This is why we cannot warrant the Flavor Burst unit when unauthorized syrups have been introduced into the system.
2. What should I expect to invest in a Flavor Burst unit?
Because we do not sell direct, we cannot guarantee the retail price of the unit. Again, we will gladly help you locate a distributor in your area who can provide specific information regarding pricing, service, etc. We can tell you that you should expect to invest MUCH less in a standard Flavor Burst unit (an FB 2002, for example) than you would in purchasing multiple freezers and maintaining mix for additional flavors.
3. Should I have a problem, can I service the Flavor Burst system myself?
The Flavor Burst systems are designed for easy use and maintenance. Should you have a problem with your Flavor Burst system, you may be able to correct the problem yourself. Naturally, the owner's manual included with the unit addresses most issues regarding installation and maintenance of the unit. If you can't find what you're looking for there, you should contact your local distributor or our home office to troubleshoot your problem. If there's a problem with a Flavor Burst unit, WE WANT TO KNOW!
4. Which freezer brands work with the Flavor Burst system?
The Taylor Company distributors are the primary source for Flavor Burst equipment, flavorings, advertising, and accessories. Mounting kits are available to attach Flavor Burst systems to all other major brands of freezers including Electrofreeze, Stoelting, Coldelite, Carpigiani, H.C. Duke, some Sani-Serve models... and many others! Be sure to contact us to ensure that your freezer model is compatible before ordering your Flavor Burst unit.
5. What other product mix will work with the Flavor Burst system?
Flavor Burst currently offers both a soft-serve flavoring system and a shake flavoring system. These systems are used in conjunction with soft-serve ice cream, custard, and frozen yogurt. We are currently working to expand this concept into several other product lines in the near future.
6. Are the Nice Ice slush and Nice Ice frozen cocktail applications compatible with an "auto-fill" system?
Yes. Because the FB-08-SH/FB-JT-SH systems flavor the product as it is dispensed, the are several "auto-fill" combinations that will work. We recommend using our FLA NB-3 Premium Neutral Base 1+5 concentrate with an "auto-fill" system capable of adding water as the concentrate is drawn into the freezer hopper.

We hope you've found this information useful, or least had a smile or two while searching for your answers!

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