Think Popsicles are a Thing of the Past?
Think Again!

The Profitability of Selling Popsicles, Paletas, and Ice Pops

Who doesn’t have fond memories of enjoying a cold, refreshing, sweet popsicle on a hot summer’s day? Well, those memories don’t have to be a thing of the past – popsicles are back and better than ever! Popsicle, paleta, and ice pop shops are cropping up nationwide, turning adults into kids again, and producing popsicle profits all year long.

Popsicles are creating a buzz and boosting dessert profits year-round.

Types of Popsicles

One thing is for sure – popsicles by any name have gone beyond red, white, and blue rocket-shaped pops to gourmet delicacies that inspire customer loyalty like no other sweet treat. And because the flavor combinations can change daily, customers are always excited to see what’s on offer. There are three main types of “popsicles” you can have fun creating. As long as it’s on a cold treat on a stick, you’ve got a popsicle.

  1. The traditional American popsicle can be anything you choose – fresh fruit juice and cane sugar, dairy mixed with flavorings, and creamy, fudgy popsicles dipped in chocolate. The flavor combinations are only limited by your imagination.
  2. There are also paletas. These are Mexican ice pops that, just like their American counterparts, contain fresh fruit, herbs, and veggie combos like cucumber, cilantro, and lime. They tend to go even further on the unusual flavor scale, and people love them!
  3. The ice pop, which was the “original” popsicle, is just another name for popsicle. Its origins date back to the early 1900s in San Francisco, when Francis William “Frank” Epperson let lemonade freeze on a stick. Now, with flavors like peaches and cream, chocolate sea salt, and strawberry basil, Epperson would be proud.

No matter what you decide to call them, refreshing popsicles are creating a buzz and boosting dessert profits in many different types of food service operations.

A glass display case with 5 different popsicles types showing through the glass

Is it Easy to Start a Popsicle Business?

It can be surprisingly easy and inexpensive to start a popsicle business. With a little research, a small website, a few quality ingredients, and a delicious product selection, you can begin your popsicle business.

Whether you operate from a pushcart, a food truck, your home, or a small shop, you can produce countless popsicle and paleta flavor combinations in a small space because popsicle equipment and supplies are fairly compact.

If you want to become a large-scale popsicle maker, there are all sizes of innovative, automated popsicle machines that can turn a small local shop into a nationwide popsicle empire making 900 to 4500 popsicles per hour – dare to dream!

Display case with multiple popsicle types and flavors

How Profitable is a Popsicle Business?

The nice thing with a popsicle business is that you can start small and still use automation to produce consistent, safe, and delicious treats, which in the long run, helps with profitability. Doing everything by hand will only get you so far. According to Truic, “A successful popsicle business can make tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. Some bring in even more. For instance, The Hyppo produces between 20,000 and 30,000 popsicles per week. At $3.75 each, this equates to a weekly revenue between $75,000 and $112,500. The company’s annual revenue is in the millions.”

Woman smiling down at a popsicle in a popsicle shop

Where to Sell Popsicles and Paletas

There are an endless number of selling avenues for popsicles. You can sell them online, in stores, at markets, and from your own shop or food truck.

  • Sell in person from a shop, cart, stall, market
  • Sell online with e-commerce
  • Partner with a coffee shop, café, bakery, or restaurant
  • Partner with a catering company
  • Set up an arena or event space concession

Finamac Popsicle Equipment from Taylor Freezers of California

Photo of popsicle making kitSince 1965, Taylor Freezers of California has been providing business owners from So Cal up to Sacramento and over to Reno and Las Vegas with the most reliable, technologically advanced, high-profit-center soft serve equipment in the industry, and we can help you do the same with Finamac popsicle equipment.

Finamac, the leading worldwide popsicle equipment company, never stops innovating and creating state-of-the-art popsicle makers and accessories that produce from 150-200 popsicles per hour to 4500 per hour. In 2014, Finamac gained recognition by having its popsicle machines in 15 of the top 21 Ice Pops makers in the US.

Ready to Start a Popsicle Business? Visit a Demo Kitchen & Try Before You Buy

If you’re ready to start a popsicle business and have questions about the various popsicle machines and which would work best for your goals, contact our helpful team today, with no obligation. You can also visit one of five convenient demo kitchens to try before you buy. 800-927-7704