Broaster Accessory Equipment

Be as successful as possible as a Broaster operator with the right supporting Broaster Accessory Equipment. Taylor Freezers of California offers everything you need for back-of-house operations in your convenience store, food truck, deli, grocery store, catering kitchen, event space, or QSR, including:

  • Dump tables, landing stations, and breading carts
  • Oil caddies and disposal equipment
  • Pressure fryer and ventless fryer accessory kits
  • Holding cabinets
  • Marinating tubs
  • Prep stations
  • Cleaning and maintenance supplies
  • Genuine Broaster Chicken packaging
  • Marinades, coating, and condiments
  • And so much more!

Contact Taylor Freezers of California to learn more about Broaster Accessories and how they can help your operation reduce labor, serve customers better, and become more profitable. 800-927-7704 

125 Years of Serving Customers with Broaster

With over 125 years of combined experience and thousands of happy customers, no one understands your food service needs better than Broaster and Taylor Freezers of California. Browse our full line of Broaster pressure fryers, Instant Burger, and complementary equipment.