Smokaroma by Broaster

Who doesn’t love smoked ribs?  Your customers sure will.

By adding Smokaroma by Broaster to your convenience store, food truck, grocery store, deli, QSR, catering company, arena, or event space you can add another high-profit center or instantly become a hot food establishment.

Smokaroma is a flexible platform that allows you to cook a variety of meat, using any wood chips you want.  Best of all it’s faster, easier and produces a juicier and more tender end product than traditional smoking methods.

  • Pressure smoking locks in moisture and flavor and requires no flipping or turning of the meat
  • Small foot print only 23″ wide
  • No expensive venting system required (local codes withstanding)
  • Easy to operate and clean

Broaster Pressure Fryers & Smokaroma

If you want high-profit food service that’s easy, delicious, and well-known, Taylor Freezers of California is here to help you get what you need and make the most of each program.

When you purchase from Taylor Freezers of California, in addition to high-quality equipment, you get:

  • Comprehensive equipment training
  • Information on how to price and sell your product to protect your profits
  • Menu planning
  • Point of Sale material
  • Repair, parts, and service on all equipment we sell
  • 24/7, 364 assistance

Smokaroma Features & Benefits

Fast and efficient. Smokaroma cooks up to 90 pounds of fresh bone-in ribs in as little as 75 minutes

Higher yield. Smoking under pressure not only reduces cook time, but it helps to lock in moisture and reduces shrinkage by 40%.  The result is a moist and juicy product that is so flavorful your customers will come back again and again to experience it.

No hood or ventilation needed. Adding the optional water baffle eliminates the need for a commercial hood to operate.

Easy cleaning. Simple design makes cleaning a breeze.

Waste is eliminated. Unlike traditional smokers, this unit requires no fire box tending, flipping or turning of the product, freeing up your staff to do other tasks while the Smokaroma does the work.

Compact and attractive. At only 23″ wide and 29″ deep this unit does not require a ton of space to operate.  Casters are standard so moving the unit is a breeze.

Safe and simple operation. Automatic pressure release ensures if the normal 12psi is exceeded the excess pressure gets released.

Customizable. The spit attachment and adjustable wire rack system allow for lots of flexibility in the product you cook.  From brisket to tri-tip, ribs to chicken this one platform allows you to expand your menu options or create a whole new food program.  Any type of wood chips can be used creating a large variety of flavor profiles.

“Creating a hot food program that sets you apart from the competition, Smokaroma is a smart choice.” – Taylor Freezers of California