Broaster E-Series Pressure Fryers

Broaster E-Series gas-powered pressure fryers provide customers with incomparably moist, flavorful, craveable chicken that is superior to regular open frying.

As a food service operator, you and your staff will also spend less time operating the machines, learning how to use them, and cleaning and maintaining the equipment.

Since labor is one of the highest cost centers in a food service business, when designing the first model in the E-Series – the 18G – engineers paid close attention to eliminating or greatly reducing labor and costly resources.

With these pain points in mind, they created an energy-efficient model that utilizes smart technology to produce the most delicious Broasted chicken while keeping labor and other costs to a minimum.

The First Model in the Broaster E-Series Pressure Fryer Line: The 18G

  • Highest energy efficiency in pressure fryer category
  • One-touch cook cycle
  • Automatically controlled pressure release
  • More production capacity
  • Advanced filtering technology
  • On-board oil replenishment
  • Automatic oil filtration between cook cycles
  • Bulk oil handling
  • Advanced microprocessor controller

Broaster E-Series pressure fryer equipment raises the bar in food service with its intentional design and range of innovative features.

We’ll Come to You in Our Broaster Demo Van!

Our Broaster demo van lets you try the high-volume fryer line and taste Broaster chicken for yourself. We will come to you anywhere in California, Reno, or Las Vegas. There’s no downside to giving it a try!

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Broaster E-Series Pressure Fryer Benefits

Energy Efficiency: the E-Series 18G possesses the highest-level energy efficiency with a 50,000 BTU/HR efficient burner system, offering just over 23% less gas usage compared to the Broaster 1800 model.

Oil Filtration Between Cycles: the automatic quick-filtration cycle starts after each cook cycle, providing even more labor savings.

Advanced Filtering Technology: eliminates the need for daily filter paper handling with the use of a reusable, high-capacity filter. Another time-saver!

Auto Controlled Pressure Release: at the end of the cook cycle, the built-up pressure in the cooking well is automatically released. There’s no need for operator interaction.

Onboard Oil Replenishment: reduces the time and labor costs of manually handling oil with the ability to add oil directly from an onboard oil reservoir or bulk oil system.

“Our California Team has helped countless food service operators increase profit margins and traffic with fee-less, contract-less, highly recognized Broaster programs.” – Taylor Freezers of California