Commercial Shake Machines

Are you still hand dipping ice cream to make milkshakes, malts, and other frozen drinkable treats? When customers crave a quick, delicious milkshake, malt, or frozen treat, they don’t want to wait. Hand dipping greatly reduces the speed of service and makes it difficult to create repeatable products and control inventory.

Taylor Freezers of California offers a high-quality selection of Taylor Company commercial milkshake and malt machines:

  • The speed you need to keep the line moving
  • A bigger variety of frozen desserts
  • Repeatability and reliable blending
  • High-volume throughput
  • Inventory control
  • Less product waste
  • Reduced labor costs
  • Automation that delivers a high-margin profit center

Built to Serve

Taylor is built to serve in every way offering food service equipment that differentiates your business and increases profitability since 1926.

Commercial Shake & Malt Machines

Our milkshake and malt machines pour amazing shakes with customization that exceeds expectations. Want to add malt, fruit, candy, Flavor Burst syrups, chocolate, coffee, or a mix of flavors? Go for it! We’ve got a high-horsepower, space-saving Crown® freezer (C708SHK), many single-flavor and multi-flavor models, and two combination shake/soft serve freezers. Take a look at our selection here.