Commercial Frozen Drink Machines

When you want to create excitement around your convenience store, bar, restaurant, resort, casino, food truck, café, or entertainment and event space, look no farther than Taylor Freezers of California’s selection of commercial frozen drink machines.

From classic adult drinks and trendy slushes to frozen coffee and signature beverages, Taylor Company’s frozen drink and slushie machines make it easy and efficient to serve them up fast and increase your bottom line – now that’s something to celebrate!

Built to Serve

Taylor is built to serve in every way offering food service equipment that differentiates your business and increases profitability since 1926.

Slushes & Other Frozen Beverage Machines

Designed with your operation and floorplan in mind, Taylor Company’s slushes and other frozen beverage machines offer many options to create drinks your customers will come back for again and again, while helping to improve your profit margins.

Creating your own recipes, adding fruity flavors with Flavor Burst, or mixing adult libations can be done with versatility – easily switch and mix flavors – depending on the model you choose.

Frozen Cocktail Freezers

A Taylor high-volume, quick-recovery frozen cocktail freezer can be your dedicated margarita machine, or you can easily mix it up by serving piña coladas, mojitos, daiquiris, vodka slushes, and even smoothies. Frozen cocktail freezers are uncarbonated (FUB). Taylor offers:

  • Eight space-saving machines to choose from.
  • Adult beverage freezer options.
  • Single or double flavor models.

Slushie Machines

Taylor frozen carbonated beverage machines (FCB), also known as slushie machines, are infused with carbonated air to create a fluffy, light frozen drinks for “kids” of all ages. These machines have lots of flexibility so any food service business can serve a variety of beverages – adult frozen cocktails, kids’ fruity slushies, cola or coffee beverages – the options are only limited by your imagination.

  • Five carbonated beverage freezers to choose from.
  • Two, three, or four flavor models.
  • Pressurized and non-pressurized systems.

A Taylor frozen drink machine offers rapid recovery, high-volume output, repeatability, labor savings, controlled liquor and ingredient costs, and turns your business into a destination.