Commercial Smoothie Machines

When customers are asking for delicious smoothies at your QSR, drive-thru, coffee shop, ice cream shop, café, resort, or food truck, retail smoothie blenders aren’t going to cut it – speed of service is the name of the game. A commercial smoothie machine captures the speed, variety, and high-volume throughput needed to save your customers time, give them delicious smoothies, and create another high-margin profit center for your business.

Taylor Freezers of California, serving all of California and Las Vegas and Reno, Nevada, offers a variety of space-saving, easy-to-use Taylor Company smoothie freezers that provide efficiency and creations customers will come back for time and again.

Built to Serve

Taylor is built to serve in every way offering food service equipment that differentiates your business and increases profitability since 1926.

Smoothie Machines Designed With Your Business Needs in Mind

Taylor Company smoothie machines are designed with your modern business needs in mind – type of operation, capacity, and floorplan. Our countertop and floor single-flavor or multi-flavor smoothie machines instantly blend a variety of drinks with added fruit, favors, syrups, coffee, and more. You can switch and mix flavors too, without hassle, to keep customers happy and your busy times humming.

  • Six space-saving single-flavor machines to choose from.
  • Two space-saving multi-flavor machines to choose from.
  • One frozen blended beverage station with 5 flavor profiles.

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