Commercial Soft Serve Ice Cream Machines & Equipment

For the highest-quality, most dependable commercial soft serve ice cream machines and equipment, turn to Taylor Freezers of California. Our easy-to-use and innovative soft serve freezers fit every type of food service business. You’re sure to find exactly what you’re searching for with the Taylor Company’s high-quality line of ice cream and frozen yogurt makers.

Built to Serve

Taylor is built to serve in every way offering food service equipment that differentiates your business and increases profitability, since 1926.

Taylor Company Soft Serve & Frozen Yogurt Machines

No matter what type of soft serve, frozen yogurt, or combination freezer machine you’re interested in, Taylor Company’s soft serve and frozen yogurt machines are designed to delight your customers with delicious treats they’ll come back for again and again while helping to improve your profit margins.

Versatile & User-Friendly Soft Serve Machines

Our commercial soft serve machines are so versatile and user-friendly, and depending on the model you choose, you could offer frozen yogurt, custard, sorbet, gelato, and shakes all from one machine.

There are 18 different ice cream machines with different capabilities to choose from, including:

  • Single soft serve ice cream machines

  • Multi-flavor, twist, and combination machines

  • Heat-treatment models

  • Gravity or pump mix delivery machines

  • Pressure-fed machines

  • Water-cooled machines

  • Air-cooled machines

  • Adjustable overrun models

  • Space-saving models

  • Countertop machines

  • Floor model soft serve machines

“We’ve engineered these merry machines to maximize throughput with a product that feels good all around. You won’t find more productive, reliable or beloved freezers anywhere.” – Taylor Company

Did you know, soft serve ice cream can produce over 85% profit?