How Can Your C-Store Benefit from Genuine Broaster Chicken?

Did you know, the take-out fried chicken market share is expected to increase by $1.92 billion by the year 2026? According to technavioPlus research1, the estimated year-over-year growth rate in 2022 alone will be 4.64%.

The research is clear – we love eating juicy, flavorful, crispy fried chicken on the go! So, if you’re not offering Genuine Broaster Chicken® to your convenience store customers, you’re missing growth opportunities.

What is Broaster?

What is Broaster? Broaster is a well-known, fast-casual chicken brand that goes beyond simply providing convenience store equipment that fries chicken. Broaster Company and its distributors, such as Taylor Freezers of California, provide convenience store operators with the following patented, one-of-a-kind commercial equipment and trademarked hot food programs, with NO franchise fees, contracts, or royalties:

  • Pressure fryers
  • Ventless countertop fryers
  • Prep stations and merchandisers
  • Complementary equipment
  • Back-of-the-house materials
  • Flavor-packed menu options

Broaster offers all the supplies and support you’ll need to get started and continue to run a profitable, quick-service chicken business that brings customers back to your convenience store again and again.

Why Sell Broaster Chicken in Your Convenience Store?

Aside from Broaster’s mouth-watering chicken turning your convenience store into a hot-food destination with a competitive advantage, selling 25 four-piece meals per day can add up to an additional $70,000 or more in sales per location and nearly $50,000 a year in profit. Customers will come in for their favorite Broasted chicken meal and leave with a soda, cigarettes, ice cream, beer, etc.

Broaster Benefits for C-Stores

  • Broaster brand recognition (since 1954) drives customer traffic.
  • Store locator, mobile app, and website support so Broaster fans can readily find you.
  • Broaster fryers are space-saving, making it easy to add a hot-food profit center to even the smallest of stores.
  • Broaster Express®, designed specifically for c-stores’ grab ‘n go business, offers a variety of top-quality, ready-to-cook Broaster foods and sauces that customers will crave.
  • A Broaster chicken program generally provides ROI within 180 days – that’s not counting the add-on sales from other grocery and non-food items.
  • You can control costs by cooking only the items/quantities customers want when they want them.
  • Broaster convenience store equipment has touchscreen technology, so it’s easy to use and maintain, minimizing labor costs.
  • You get to keep 100% of the profits – there are no franchise contracts, fees, or royalties to pay.
  • You’re never on your own – you get personal service and access to supporting marketing materials, training, events, promotions, and more to ensure program success.

“In just two months of business, our deli area is already bringing in over $2,600 weekly in additional sales. I believe much of this success is due to the instant credibility this branded concept brings to our operation.”—Paula Bader, Bader’s Food Mart, Louisville, KY

Selling 25 four-piece Broaster Express meals/day can add up to an additional $70,000+ in sales per location and nearly $50,000 a year in profit.

A Dedicated C-store Quick-Service Hot Food Program: Broaster Express

Broaster Express is designed specifically for c-stores’ grab ‘n go business. It’s a turnkey program with everything you need to get up and running – a selection of menus to choose from, a digital menu template, high-quality, convenience-store-friendly equipment, delicious foods, branded packaging, signage, promotional materials, marketing, training, and more.

And, for the busy store operator who has many irons in the fire, Broaster Express foods go straight from the freezer into the fryer with minimal effort required.

Broaster Express Menu Items

  • Bone-in chicken
  • Boneless chicken filets
  • Chicken wings
  • Chicken tenders
  • Popcorn chicken
  • Potatoes
  • Seafood
  • Appetizers (i.e., onion rings, jalapeno poppers, mozzarella sticks)
  • Dipping sauces
  • Burritos
  • Corndogs
  • Sides (i.e., coleslaw, mac-n-cheese, biscuits)
  • Desserts

This selection of scrumptious food fits today’s lifestyle – snacks or meals that are easy to eat in the car or on the go, one-handed, without a lot of complicated packaging. Click here for the full Broaster Express menu.

“After utilizing Broaster marketing pieces, we set a one-day record and made over $1,800! Hot food sales are up 38%, which also helps to increase foot traffic and sales of other items.” —Tim Hutchins, Owner, Handy Food Mart, Bardstown, KY

How Does Broaster Work?

How does Broaster work? Is it complicated? You’ll be happy to see how incredibly easy it is to become a Broaster licensed trademark operator.

To start serving Broaster chicken in your California or Nevada c-store, first, contact Taylor Freezers of California to become a licensed trademark operator, then we’ll collaborate with you on the rest. We’ll start by helping you choose the Broaster Express program that will work best for your operation and objectives, deliver everything you need, help you set it up, train your staff, and make pricing recommendations.

Each branded program is customizable to your needs and includes:

  1. A Broaster ventless countertop fryer or pressure fryer
  2. A kiosk, display case, and/or holding cabinet
  3. A menu board
  4. POS marketing and branded packaging
  5. Suggested menu items
  6. Optional equipment (oil caddy, dump table, holding cabinet, etc.)

For an initial investment of around $15,000, you can become a hot-food destination and watch business soar. From freezer to display case, it really is as simple as that!

Give Broaster a Try Before You Buy  in Our Traveling Broaster Demo Van

Broaster demo van

Taylor Freezers of California has a demo van that will come to you so you can try it before you buy it – once you taste Broaster chicken, we’re sure you’ll want to share it with your customers as soon as possible. We serve the greater Los Angeles area, San Diego, Bakersfield, Fresno, Orange County, San Francisco, Oakland, San Bernardino, Riverside, and Sacramento, California, and Reno and Las Vegas, Nevada.

Give your convenience store customers one-of-a-kind take-out chicken and hot food they’ll crave with Genuine Broaster Chicken and watch sales soar! Contact our team today to learn more. 800-927-7704


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