1600 Pressure Fryer

This unit is small and compact at only 16″ wide with a footprint of only 3.2 square feet so the impact to your precious hood space is minimal, but the impact to your bottom line is huge.  This super efficient, compact unit is capable of producing 25+ pounds of amazing bone-in chicken per hour that is sure to be a popular addition to any menu.


  • High Energy Efficiency
  • Rounded Cooking Well Ensures No Cold Spots
  • One-touch Cook Cycle
  • Up to 20 Pieces of Bone-in Chicken Per Load in as Little as 10 Minutes
  • Built-in Filter System for Safe and Easy Filtering of Oil
  • Prolonged Oil Life
  • Auto Comp Feature Ensures Consistent Product Regardless of Load Size
  • Automatic Cook Cycle Counter

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