Perfect Hold Cabinet

Newly redesigned for even greater durability and performance— strong, welded construction exterior includes stainless steel finish on all sides. Heavy duty swivel casters with wheel locks make unit stationary or easily movable.


  • Holds cooked food for peak times without compromising quality— help yourself by cooking ahead to beat the inevitable lunch or dinner rush.
  • Spacious interior— holds up to 7 pans of cooked Genuine Broaster Chicken® and other fine foods.
  • Quick temperature recovery— high air flow rate enables cabinet to rapidly recover temperature after opening and closing door.
  • Regulated air temperature, easily adjustable humidity— thermostatically controlled heating maintains consistent temperature of interior food environment while adjustable door louvers allow you to balance humidity level without drying foods out for optimal product crispness and freshly prepared taste.
  • This easy to maneuver Portable Holding Cabinet is perfect for serving counters, buffet lines, drive-up windows, point-of-service or presentation areas.
  • This holding cabinet is capable of holding all types of hot foods at optimum serving temperatures.
  • Thermostatically- controlled heat and humidity allow for the preparation of food in advance of peak periods and hold it for hours.
  • The Perfect Hold Holding Cabinet can be stacked one on top of the other providing two separate humidified temperature zones. Ideal for schools, hospitals, concessions and cafeterias where backup food storage is needed.

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