Oil Caddy

Safe and convenient – way to transport used oil from your pressure fryer to where it may be properly disposed of.


  • Unique design – fits easily under any model Broaster Pressure Fryer. Also works with most open fryers.
  • Easy oil disposal – allows oil to be drained from fryer in a single trip, for fast, easy disposal.
  • Reduced cleanups – since oil is contained inside the Oil Caddy there is no spilling or overflowing, thus reducing cleanups.
  • Made using a thick gauge aluminum (0.11″) with double walled seams.
  • Perforated baffle screen helps to prevent splashing while the oil is draining into Oil Caddy.
  • Two hard plastic handles at both ends of the Oil Caddy help to minimize heat transfer from the oil.
  • Two eight inch wheels make transporting the oil easier than ever.

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