Standard Series Heated Merchandiser

Models hold from one to six-pans wide with single or dual shelves. Unit is constructed of all stainless steel and tempered glass in accordance with NSF standard #3.


  • Tempered glass fronts and incandescent display lighting – spotlights your product with maximum visibility. Ideal for quick service restaurants, c-stores, delis, or any operation where the ultimate in product merchandising and holding is important.
  • Thermostatically controlled heated base – each unit features an exclusive infrared heat pattern and heated base with special “cool-to-the-touch” base construction to assure that your foods retain their quality and freshly prepared taste.
  • Variety of sizes to fit your needs – choose from one, two, or three-pan wide models in either single or dual shelf configurations.
  • Designer colors – available in standard stainless steel and a wide range of optional colors including Warm Red, Gray Granite, White Granite, Black, Navy Blue, and Hunter Green.

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