Ventless Hood

Compact and versatile— one-of-a-kind stainless steel hood provides the necessary vapor removal requirements for all current electric models of Broaster® pressure fryers.


  • Simple to install— eliminates the need for expensive roof modifications and the hassles of dealing with multiple vendors supplying separate hood and electrical systems.
  • Safe— includes built-in Ansul R-102A fire suppression system with piping, nozzles (appliance and plenum), and conduit routing the fusible link cable through the hood.
  • Effective— 3-stage air filtration system includes: 1 stainless steel baffle filter for trapping large grease particles. 2 electrostatic air cleaning filter (EAC) with ionizers for charging particles in the grease laden air and electrostatic plates for particle collection. 3 disposable charcoal filter for eliminating odors.

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