Serving Kiosks

Turn your foodservice operation into a fully branded, ready to serve kiosk station in just a few hours.


  • Available in a variety of sizes and counter orientations and an attractive, built-in menuboard, these kiosks are complete with everything you need to bring hungry customers back again and again.
  • Your authorized Broaster Distributor can assist you with placing your order for your Kiosk. Make your location a fully branded operation today.
  • Broaster Company is offering a turnkey kiosk that fits in most any space and transforms it into a fully branded, ready to serve destination. Promote your Genuine Broaster Chicken business and drive sales with the eye catching graphics and easy visibility of product display. Consumers visiting your location will be sure to notice this kiosk and the delicious chicken it contains, promoting increased counter traffic and bigger profits.

Profit Calculator

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