Instant Burger

Instant Burger® cooks great tasting burgers and other food products evenly without flipping or splattering grease. Direct Energy Transfer cooks from the inside, unlike conventional grills, griddles and ovens, which use heat to cook from the outside. Pre-cooking and end-of-day waste are eliminated with Instant Burger. Foods are cooked without adding additional heat to your foodservice area.


  • Fast and productive – Cooks 2 fresh burgers in less than a minute. Over 200 burgers can be cooked in an hour*.
  • Direct Energy Transfer– Meat is cooked through a direct energy transfer process where the energy is transferred directly through the meat.
  • Compact – Requires only 23″ x 16″ of counter space. No hood required to operate.
  • Labor efficient – Fast and simple operation increases productivity and cleanup is quick and easy.
  • Versatile – Cooks hamburgers, hot dogs, sausage patties, chicken fillets, steakburgers, sausages or ground turkey burgers.
  • Energy efficient – Contains no heating elements and requires no warming up and only uses energy while cooking

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