C119 Batch Ice Cream Machine

Serve homemade, low and medium overrun gourmet ice cream, custard, gelato, sorbet, Italian ice and slush.  Mix and liquid flavorings may be poured into the convenient fill chute on the door.  Fruits. candies, and nuts can be folded in as product is being drawn into your container.  Manufactured in Italy by Frigomat to ensure European equipment quality and technology to serve gelato or low to medium overrun frozen desserts.

The floor standing C119 comes in both air and water-cooled options and features an 8.5 quart freezing cylinder, perfect for small size batches.


  • Automatic freezing cycle to reach the ideal consistency according to the type and quantity of mix introduced.
  • Automatic freezing cycle “PLUS” for higher consistency levels.
  • Semi-automatic freezing cycle with consistency level setting.
  • Semi-automatic freezing cycle with working time setting.
  • Slush cycle with consistency level and continuous agitation setting.
  • Slush cycle with time and cyclic agitation setting.
  • Automatic consistency preservation at the end of the cycle.
  • High production flexibility.
  • Highly efficient freezing cylinder with direct expansion (only T4S).
  • Steel beater with mobile scrapers.
  • Cylinder-block steel door (optional for T5S) with double safety system on grid and door.
  • Limited size and power consumption.
  • The electronic IES features a new consistency control system, that further improves the precision during the different working conditions

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