C136 Combo Pasteurizer and Batch Freezer

The C136 is a combined machine which features two barrels, one vertical above (the heater) and one horizontal  below (the batch freezer). This technologically advanced model allows the operator to produce a wide range of desserts: ice cream, sorbet, granita, mousse, custard, syrups, puddings and much more: all with a single machine!
Manufactured in Italy by Frigomat to ensure Italian equipment quality and technology to serve gelato, ice cream or medium overrun frozen desserts

The C136 is a water-cooled unit and features a 14.7 quart heating tank and a 12.4 quart freezing cylinder, perfect for medium to large size batches.

This dual service machine allows you to combine and cook your ingredients in the top barrel and then transfer the cooked batch directly into the freezing cylinder or into a storage container for later use.



  • Three heater working programs:
    • Automatic cycle at 85°C (185°F);
    • Semi-automatic cycle with temperature selection between 30°C (86°F) and 105°C (221°F);
    • Chocolate cycle at low temperature.
  • Automatic T° preservation at the end of the cycle.
  • Automatic calculation of the stop times according to the selected temperature (up to 10 hours).
  • “Delicate” treatment with glycol temperatures below 100°C (212°F)

Batch freezer

  • Four freezing programs:
    • Automatic freezing cycle to reach the ideal consistency according to the type and quantity of mix introduced;
    • Semiautomatic freezing cycle with consistency setting;
    • Slush cycle with consistency and continuous agitation setting;
    • Slush cycle with time and cyclic agitation setting.
  • Automatic consistency preservation at the end of the cycle.

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