C145 Combo Pasteurizer and Batch Freezer

The C145 has been designed with the needs of pastry and gelato chefs in mind.  It provides the ultimate control to make specialty products allowing the user to create custom combinations that will enhance any menu.  These units can be used to make not only gelato and sorbet, but also a wide range of products: pastry cream, ganache, chocolate tempering, marmalades, fruit jelly, puddings, etc., leaving the operator free to express his fantasy and create tasty, fresh delicacies.

The C145 is a water-cooled unit and features a 14.7 quart heating tank and a 15 quart freezing cylinder, perfect for medium size batches.

This dual service machine allows you to combine and cook your ingredients in the top barrel and then transfer the cooked batch directly into the freezing cylinder or into a storage container for later use.


Cream cooker

  • Vertical cylinder with heating and cooling system.
  • Four quick selection programs:
    • Cooked cream cycle (with possibility to select the T° and the agitation speed);
    • Automatic cycle for mix treatment at 85°C (185°F);
    • Semi-automatic cycle for mix treatment;
    • Preservation cycle (static, dynamic, tempering and semi-automatic).
  • Interactive “recipes Menu” with more than 30 pre-set programs (also 4 different chocolate tempering included); the ingredients are automatically recalled during the different phases of the cycle.
  • “Modify recipes” function to personalize recipes.
  • “Create recipes” function; up to 30 new recipes recordable.
  • Pre-heating function to reduce the working time.

Batch freezer

  • Six quick selection freezing programs:
    • Automatic freezing cycle to reach the ideal consistency according to the type and quantity of mix introduced;
    • Automatic freezing cycle “PLUS” for higher consistency levels;
    • Semiautomatic freezing cycle with consistency setting;
    • Semiautomatic freezing cycle with time setting;
    • Slush cycle with consistency setting and continuous agitation;
    • Slush and pastry cream cooling cycle with time setting and cyclic agitation.
  • Interactive “flavor Menu” with 24 pre-set freezing programs combining every single flavor with its relative agitation mode and consistency level.
  • “Modify flavor” function to modify the pre-set parameters.
  • “Create flavor” function to customize and memorize up to 30 new flavors.
  • “TURBO” function to increase the agitation during the freezing cycle.
  • Automatic consistency preservation at the end of the cycle

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