FR260 Batch Ice Cream Machine

The FR260 machine is the answer to the operators’ requirements for a professional machine to produce “Italian Ice” and slush.


  • Automatic production cycle to reach the ideal consistency
    according to the type and quantity of mix introduced.
  • Semi- automatic production cycle with consistency level
  • “Creative” cycle with consistency level and continuous
    agitation setting.
  • “Creative” cycle with time and cyclic agitation setting.
  • Automatic consistency preservation at the end of the cycle
    (only for 50 Hz version).
  • Stainless steel freezing cylinder and beater.
  • Beater with mobile and removable scrapers, completely
    dismountable to ensure a very easy sanitization.
  • The tap allows to directly fill both the containers for display
    cases/tubs and for packing.
  • Wide and adjustable shelf with nonslip pad, to fit different
    container sizes.
  • The electronic IES (patent) features a new consistency
    control system, that further improves the precision during
    the different working conditions.
  • High-speed extraction with an “extra chill” option to get
    the best product consistency.

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