L852 Grill – NEW!

Our most advanced grills ever!


  • One-touch menu selection automatically chooses the proper TIME, TEMPERATURE, and GAP settings.
  • True Parallel Auto Leveling: Automated procedure sets the lower plate parallel to the upper platen. Increases food quality through consistently accurate gap settings.
  • Programmable Controls: Automatically determines product placed on the grill and sets cook time and multi-gap parameters. Easier to operate and eliminates need to change product settings, which improves flexibility. Microprocessor controls are programmable for simplified crew operation. Also offers flexibility for future menu items and product specification changes at the restaurant level.
  • Upper Platens: Upper platen may be lowered manually for quick closing or will close automatically to the preset gap setting with the touch of one button. Slim platen design makes cleaning easier. As a safety feature, platen will automatically open at loss of power, or if an obstruction is detected.
  • Precise Automatic Gapping: With the unique three-point reference system, the lower plate automatically achieves accurate and consistent gaps every time. Precise, repeatable gapping results in consistent, better quality finished product.
  • Cooking Zones:  Two controlled cooking positions. Three independent heating elements in the lower cooking surface, and two in the upper platen, assures even temperatures and quick recovery. A larger cooking gap allows products up to 2.0” thick to be cooked in two-sided mode, enabling greater menu flexibility.
  • Independent Platen Cooking Zones: Separate lower cook zones allow the user to turn them off during the slow periods to save energy and provide a flexible cleaning schedule by cleaning a zone at a time instead of the entire grill. Each zone allows you to cook different menu items at different temperatures all day. There is no flavor or food transfer from zone to zone due to separation of independent cook zones.
  • Wrap-Around Release Material: Simple-to-install upper platen release material protects the entire upper platen cooking surface and makes cleaning easy. Improved installation and removal keep hands away from hot surfaces.

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